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Interview with JOHN FISHER,

former Director of Music Administration

on "Classic Talk with Bing and Dennis"

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Carol: Gildo, if I am not mistaken you win the prize for the longest tenure of an assistant conductor at the Met. Is that right?

Gildo: Well yes, I think probably that’s right. I started at the old Met in 1963 at 39th and Broadway and then moved to the new house along with everyone else. I guess it was a total of 55 years, 39 of them full time. I did retire a few times but always came back!

C: Tell me, how did you get the job? I know you started in Chicago where you grew up but how did you get the job atthe Met?... read more

Featuring former Metropolitan Opera Music Staff members

Interview with GILDO DI NUNZIO

by Carol Isaac


Joel Revzen, 1945 - 2020


by Carol Isaac

From Peter Gelb

Dear Company Members,

With great sadness, I’m writing about the tragic loss of Joel Revzen, beloved and respected member of the Met Music Staff since 1999, who passed away yesterday from complications relating to Covid-19. Joel had bravely been fighting for his life for more than two months, faithfully watched over by his wife, Cindy, who never gave up hoping for his recovery. At the Met, Joel was a warm and generous influence at all times, contributing significantly to the Met’s artistic process. While necessarily exacting, Joel’s professional manner was soft spoken, encouraging and compassionate — much admired and appreciated qualities for those of us who worked closely with himin the sometimes combustible atmosphere of intense rehearsals... read more

CI: Jane, where did you grow up and go to school? Do you come from a musical family, are there other siblings or family members who became musicians?

JK: I grew up in Illinois. In high school I studied piano at the Chicago Conservatory of Music, then privately with Rudolph Ganz for a short period of time. I attended University of Illinois where my piano teachers were Stanley Fletcher, Soulima Stravinsky and Malcolm Bilson... read more