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Brian Fitzsousa

Brian Fitzsousa

Brian Fitzsousa is a pianist and composer originally from West Hartford, CT. He has played for the Metropolitan Opera, The San Francisco Opera, American Ballet Theater, Mark Morris Dance Group, and NYU Tisch. This spring he will be music director in residence at Virginia Tech, conducting Pippin at The Moss Arts Center.

Brian holds degrees in composition from NYU and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has received commissions from numerous ensembles including the San Francisco Movement Arts Festival, The Joshua Trio, and The Amaranth String Quartet. He is also the recipient of fellowships from the European American Musical Alliance and the Rubin Institute for Music Criticism.

In addition to performing and composing, Brian is an avid musicologist. He served as a professor of music history at SFCM, teaching graduate level survey courses and his own seminar on the history of contemporary opera.